Released Apps

Here are some of the apps that are currently available


A mobile toolkit that captures audio through your phone for spectrum analysis. Contains an oscilloscope, decibel meter, FFT graph, spectrogram, and a spectrum display. Lite version available!


A simple real-time oscilloscope to view audio signals in the time-domain. Features the ability to save screenshots of the display.


A clean, straight-forward metronome without all the clutter. Features a realistic metronome sound, tempo markings, and low CPU usage to save your battery from draining while you practice.

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        Sound-Base Audio, LLC is an independent software company that develops practical and useful audio utilities for sound design and music production. We strive to present exceptional and professional software, audio plug-ins, and mobile apps that the modern consumer will appreciate.

         Sound-Base Audio, LLC was launched in June 2012 by programmer and music enthusiast Luke Mihyar, who functions as the backbone of the company, developing projects, managing web maintainence, and handling customer support. Currently, he has completed and published over ten projects for the company with a high emphasis on quality and thoroughness.

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